Traffas Reunion

I successfully survived the Traffas family reunion. The annual gathering was held on December 29th in Sharon, KS. The reunion was a great opportunity for me to meet Aaron’s extended family. Everyone was great. Although it was much different than my own family’s activities the day was definitely an adventure.

We started out the day with some wonderful BBQ, which I love and Aaron doesn’t care for…so I guess I win! Then it was time for the scavenger hunt. Broken down into three teams we battled on wit and our collecting skills. I was honored to be a member of Shawn’s team which also included Andrew, John, Matt, Levi, Kristi and Erica. This collection of wonderful people made up the winning team. We were able to collect the most items from the scavenger hunt list; our team also scored the highest on the portion of the challenge which deal with logo and current events. So way to go Shawn’s team; we are awesome. I was also very excited that I received on wonderful name badge, my name of course it “winner”. I truly did have a great time; it was nice to meet more of Aaron family and to be able to have something interesting and fun to fill the time.

After the awards ceremony we all took the time to mix up some very tasty drinks. One of my new favorites it the tumbleweed which consists of Brandy, Kaluha, Frangelica, cream and ice; it was very yummy. I look forward to next year when I will find myself back in Sharon running all around finding this and finding that; I hope that everyone else enjoyed the Traffas family reunion as much as I did.

One response to “Traffas Reunion”

  1. I enjoyed the story about the Reunion in Sharon, which I have not been able to attend since I graduated from KSU in 1978 and moved to Colorado. I may get a chance to visit Sharon later this month when I travel to the family farm south of Zenda for the 80th birthday party of my father Joe Depenbusch on March 23rd.

    May get to see Grandmother Mary (Traffas) Depenbusch also while I am there and pray that she makes it to 102 in June. My daughter Brooke and I visited her in Anthony last Thanksgiving of 2007. We saw an AARON TRAFFAS BAND poster in the gas station on the west end of Attica, and tried to get a copy, but they would not let it go because of the upcoming gig that was advertised on it. Hope we can get to see your band sometime when we are in the area and get a poster to boot.

    My brother Roger Depenbusch and his family from Cheney will be coming out here for a ski trip to Eldora in two weekends. Come out to ski with us sometime.

    Colorado Blessings,
    Lawrence Depenbusch
    Centennial, CO
    303-981-8790 cell