Spring Break 2008

It has been quite a week. Aaron is in Bloomington, IN for CAI (an auctioneer designation course) this week. He had a very busy day on Friday; he left Manhattan at 5:30am to drive to Indianapolis then boarded a plane to Dallas at 6:30pm. Purple Wave had an auction in Denton, TX. Aaron took part in the auction on Saturday and then flew pack to Indianapolis that evening. He said it was very impressive to fly into Dallas, lights as far as you can see. I think he had a good time. I am a little envious that he gets to leave Manhattan while I am stuck here. I have kept myself very busy with many little projects though. I have been coaching the Manhattan High School swim team, so this week we have morning practices; I have also been working on getting hours in a t my internship (Parents as Teachers of Manhattan) and I have been making my room more enjoyable. I did a little rearrange of the furniture then I built a bookshelf and hung some shelves. I really like all of the things that I have done to my room. In my spare time (as if there is anything left) I have been searching for a job. I will be graduating on May 17. I am very excited but that is fewer than two months away now and I am getting a little anxious about finding a job. I know that it just take time but I am feeling a little impatient. I am just sure the right thing will come along. I guess for now the search will have to continue…