Winding down or gearing up…

Today I realized I have 34 days until I graduate from college. Wow, it has been a long road to get to this point. So many things have changed since high school (thank goodness!). It is nice to be able to see the end. I do find it very difficult to focus on anything. Mostly I have been furiously searching for a job; I have applied for many positions and had one interview so far. I should know more about the position I interview for by the end of the week.

I am so excited to have one focus; this semester I was working three jobs and doing school. I think it will be so wonderful to only have one job to concentrate on and no school (at least for awhile). I am so excited to get to the next stage in my life. I have some apprehension about being a professional; but I believe that the only way I can get to that point is by jumping into it.

Enough about me already. Aaron is in Kansas City this week teaching an ATS (auction technology specialist) course for the NAA. I think he will do a great job. He will be there until Wednesday. Which works out nicely so that we can attend the Counting Crows concert in Lawrence. I am really excited about it; we are going to have a great time!

I have been thinking about this summer and realizing how I wonderful it is going to be; I think it is going to fly by. With Megan and Andrew getting married in June and then my roommate getting married just two weeks later. It is going to be very exciting. I can’t wait to celebrate these wonderful marriages.

Well I guess that is all for me 🙂


Spring Break 2008

It has been quite a week. Aaron is in Bloomington, IN for CAI (an auctioneer designation course) this week. He had a very busy day on Friday; he left Manhattan at 5:30am to drive to Indianapolis then boarded a plane to Dallas at 6:30pm. Purple Wave had an auction in Denton, TX. Aaron took part in the auction on Saturday and then flew pack to Indianapolis that evening. He said it was very impressive to fly into Dallas, lights as far as you can see. I think he had a good time. I am a little envious that he gets to leave Manhattan while I am stuck here. I have kept myself very busy with many little projects though. I have been coaching the Manhattan High School swim team, so this week we have morning practices; I have also been working on getting hours in a t my internship (Parents as Teachers of Manhattan) and I have been making my room more enjoyable. I did a little rearrange of the furniture then I built a bookshelf and hung some shelves. I really like all of the things that I have done to my room. In my spare time (as if there is anything left) I have been searching for a job. I will be graduating on May 17. I am very excited but that is fewer than two months away now and I am getting a little anxious about finding a job. I know that it just take time but I am feeling a little impatient. I am just sure the right thing will come along. I guess for now the search will have to continue…

Happy Valentine’s Day

We have been very busy lately; as I am sure you have. It feels like time has just flown by since Christmas. I cannot believe that it is already Valentine’s Day. A few weeks ago Aaron and I had the wonderful opportunity to go to and be a part of my brother’s wedding. It was held in Wichita and everything turned out wonderfully! I am so happy for both of them. There are pictures in the gallery, I encourage you to check them out.

Aaron has been working hard at Purple Wave; his work is never over. I guess that is good job security. I am also working at Purple Wave, I work in the office as a cashier and on occasion I clerk auctions. On Friday we will be making our second trip to Dallas for auctions. It is fun but it is really a very long ride in the car. I am just glad that Aaron enjoys driving, so that I don’t have to. I think my favorite part of work for Purple Wave is the auctions, they are exciting and fun. We do have to miss out on Gabriella’s (my niece) 1st birthday party this weekend. So that makes me a little sad; but I just figure she won’t remember that I wasn’t there so it should be okay. 🙂

I started my internship in January. I am doing it with Parents as Teachers of Manhattan. I am required to put in 20 hours per week which will equal 320 hours by the end of the semester. Unfortunately it is an unpaid internship; but I am learning a lot. I do feel like this is one of my most difficult semesters yet because I am not only going to class now but I am also working and doing the internship. It makes me feel like I have no free time.

Last week it didn’t matter whether I had free time or not, I got the flu and was out of commission for 4 days. I don’t think I have ever been sick for that long in my life. I was so drained. Luckily I have recover and I am feeling much better now.

Aaron and I have decided to stay in tomorrow for Valentine’s day; I think that is best so that we don’t have to fight the crowds. I hope that everyone has a happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂

I will try to do a better job a keep you updated with what is happening in our lives.